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Our company is known for unique handmade finishes from our classic verdigris patina brass to the new white chocolate.  These finishes are exceptional for how well they blend with today's clothing. We produce our line by using a combination of handmade and machine methods.   Each Patina is one-of-kind and done completely by hand.  We do use machines for polishing only.  All items are attached and glued by one of our local artisans. Each artisan is individually taught our methods.  We have been in business since 1974 and a new generation headed by Sheriden Starr is moving forward to a new time and place. Designing is done primarily by Elaine Coyne and her son, Sheriden has expanded on those methods in a full array of fun and artistic cherishable items.

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Best Seller for Summer 2022
Sea Turtles are just magical.

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic
Geometry new line based on the circle
In the Midst of the worst Pandemic
Pandemic Obsession

New Trends for 2019

New Trends for 2019
New Trends of Antique Gold A must for all brick and mortar stores Read more...

Butterflies 2019

Butterflies  2019
Our motif items such as butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, and leaves and of course, our sea life items have always been leaders in sales. Read more...

Magnolia Leaf Necklace

Magnolia Leaf Necklace
Magnolia Leaf Necklace with limited edition genuine zigzag Turquoise Read more...

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Our precious jewelry groups are collected internationally.  Each work of art is formulated in our Atlanta studio.  Our creations are developed in finite detail so that you and your customers enjoy wearing these unique and well loved collectibles.