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Our company is known for unique handmade finishes from our classic verdigris patina brass to the new white chocolate.  These finishes are exceptional for how well they blend with today's clothing. We produce our line by using a combination of handmade and machine methods.   Each Patina is one-of-kind and done completely by hand.  We do use machines for polishing only.  All items are attached and glued by one of our local artisans. Each artisan is individually taught our methods.  We have been in business since 1974 and a new generation headed by Sheriden Starr is moving forward to a new time and place. Designing is done primarily by Elaine Coyne and her son, Sheriden has expanded on those methods in a full array of fun and artistic cherishable items.

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Elaine Coyne

Artist's Statement

The world has dramatically changed since 1974 when Elaine Coyne and a small staff started a collectible art wear business in a small studio in downtown Boston. We packed up our small creative art line and wrote orders with pen and paper.  We handed one piece of paper to the gallery owner and another to the salesperson who represented our arty cuffs, original earrings, limited edition necklaces and designer belts, which in turn gave us permission to ship the gallery in a timely manner.  The reorder level was generally a week to one month.  We became an established go to company for collectible artwork in galleries and better boutiques nationally.  It was beyond exciting. 

Fast forward to the 80s, we got connected with my art history background and started doing one of a kind patina brass and bronze jewelry and belt buckles. This patina for brass process was adapted from my studies at Penland School of Art in North Carolina. The process of green patina on brass coloration on sculpture that costs ten of thousands of dollars seemed like a natural for me. I pursued it with a deadly passion. A push from an unknown part of me. The patina process moved our studio into a new level of recognition as an inventor of newness in the art/fashion industry. My pieces were suddenly showing up at art events frequently. Our wholesale business was becoming well established and Elaine Coyne'a art wearable creations became carefully followed.  And from the beginning we have been inundated with questions of "how to patina brass".  We try to respond that to patina on brass is really a highly skilled art process.  A few years ago we came up with the process of how to patina brass brown.  We call this our Earth Patina.

Fast forward to the 90s and beyond, the onslaught of the internet was upon us, stores began dying faster than a fly's life cycle and we were in the midst of the upheaval of a new generation. We lost a once dependable account base;  we saw no clear path of survival. Along came Amazon and then Overstock. what was once a great and fabulous wholesale business was becoming a luxury retail market on the internet. We were winning once again. Due to the uniqueness of our art wear collectible jewelry and designer packaging, we remained steadfast in a demanding new marketplace. Come and see for yourself the diversity of our textured tealeaf line and our etched lines under our couture offerings or if you have a favorite passion like dragonflies, butterflies, equestrian, Egyptian, dogwood or maple leaves, we exude that uniqueness in our spiritual nature of each and every wearable art piece.

As time goes has gone on we have still retained our purity in design, clarity in our art process and our dedication to meet your needs.  Thanks so much for appreciating our beauty of design and thought throughout this life journey.


Fishing Lure

Fishing Lure

One of the most relaxing way to get away from the daily pressures of modern life is to go fishing. What happened to Wednesday afternoons, close you...