Abstract Lost Wax Cast

Abstract Collection of Lost Wax Cast designs

Abstract art is a major art movement of the 20th Century. The concept thrives on non-representational art and it is defined by shapes, forms, colors and textures.  This is the essence of "Abstract" by Elaine Coyne. The metal featured is bronze in this new lost wax cast group. The shapes are multiple, the forms are geometric with a lovely organic undertone, the colors vary with the verdigris patina, as in our one of a kind finish particular to only Elaine Coyne collectible artwear. The textures are so tactical you can nearly feel them by feasting your eyes on these sensational and inventive pieces. This line is magical in its derivative elements and sensational in its coloration. We have achieved it all: texture, color, form and shape.

Abstract Lost Wax Cast

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