Bohemian Chic Necklaces

Bohemian Chic Necklaces by Elaine Coyne Galleries.

Bohemian Chic Necklaces by Elaine Coyne Galleries.  Our Bohemian Chic jewelry has been among our most popular and possibly the price point has something to do with that. Imagine so..great design...great
prices and great execution always make for a great selling product. That brings us to the items not to be missed, especially for our resort customers. This is the customer that wants something special but, does not want to spend a fortune for family and friends.  We give you a new collection that will stand among our best sellers, so a soothsayer told me. The reason...more than just price, more than just great design, more than just great execution, "Swirls" has that x factor of a grand meaning and story behind its inception.
Swirls is based upon the curving lines of Art Nouveau with the element of structure and the feel of industrialization...bringing "Swirls" into Art Deco sensibility. Why is this important? Because it blends two art movements into one: Art Deco and Art Nouveau.  The merge of these two movements brings sensitivity into full harmony. "Swirls" whispers smooth coordinated center. No need to ask me where I get my ideas because, I have no idea. It is a magic that happens to a lucky group of artist, I am grateful that I have that gift.

Bohemian Chic Necklaces

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